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In 2000 Carpel Therapy becomes aware, due to the internet, of a method known as Gua Sha which had a unique flat edge on one of the instruments. CTI also developed their Aerospace Ceramic Polymer with resonating ability. This allows these instruments with their Ergonomic design to resonate. These instruments allow for easy handling and minimal amount of pressure needed during treatment which results in minimal discomfort to patient.

SASTM instruments are designed on a square surface instead of a convex/concave tool fitting body parts. No patents are required because they are based off of the Chinese Gua Sha instruments with flat edges which have been in the market for several hundred years.

Metal tools have resonating ability due to density of material this is minimized. Instruments are hard to hold and cold to patient. More pressure needed during treatment due to design.

Performance Dynamics are Resin based and are convex\concave with sharp treatment edges.


Includes Case,
# of Instruments indicated, Cream, Manual, Treatment Videos, Treatment slides forms, and charting forms.


3 Instrument Hand Therapy/Starter kit

6 Instrument set

7 instrument set

8 instrument set

Instruments # 7 & 8 includes case which holds all 8 instruments

Replacement Policy Instruments 1-6: $120/instrument
Instruments 7 and 8:

$3500 for instruments and basic certification.


Cost based on size of facility and # of practitioners and includes: License Fees, Training Fees/Restrictions.

2 year non-compete clause.

No Replacement Policy.



Total Body - 8 hours

Note: Seminar can be scheduled weekly at our Indpls, IN clinic.

I. Basic
II. Advanced
III. Sports

I.Upper Extremities/Shoulder
II. Lower Extremities/Back/Pelvis

Trade-Ins YES NO NO
Instrument Sharing

Allows sharing of instruments with on-line Certification $250

Information Unknown NO
Clinicians permitted to purchase instruments D.C.; Chiropractic assistants; P.T.; P.T.A.; O.T. ; O.T.A.;
A.T.C. ; F.N.P.; M.D.; D.O.; D.P.; licensed massage therapists
D.C., P.T., P.T.A., O.T., O.T.A., D.O., D.P., M.D., A.T.C.
No licensed massage therapists
No chiropractors or chiropractic assistants
Online Purchasing
and Products


Hiring of Instructors YES Information Unknown NO
SASTM Treatment Videos YES - April 2009
Referral Program YES, each certified clinician can refer anyone to a SASTM seminar for free, and if that person buys any set, the referring clinician receives points towards an instrument or product upgrade.
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Seminar Give-away

On-line seminar give-away every 90 days. Conventions: free seminar give-away.




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