Adam is National Director for EXOS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. Adam received his Physical Therapy degree form East Tennessee State University and then went on to add Certifications as an Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Adam has been fortunate to gain experience in a wide variety of settings including fitness facilities, health systems, outpatient clinics, therapy management companies, collegiate athletic training programs and sports performance enhancement settings.  Adam is active in local sports medicine outreach and works closely with the physicians to insure treatment coordination is present to promote optimal patient outcomes. Adam has published physical therapy related articles and has been a speaker at multiple physical therapy and sports medicine seminars.

Since the bio above I have also started traveling with professional athletes on the PGA tour providing an integrated training and treatment offering. 

In addition to his duties at EXOS Adam also travels with professional athletes providing an integrated training and treatment approach. He incorporates an all encompassing approach working with several other professionals to optimize the athletes capacity to perform through oversight in areas of training, treatment, nutrition, recovery, among others.

I started using SASTM in 2007 after introduction to it by our PT at D1 Greenville Mark Pfiel. Mark was friends with David from his days with the Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Bucks. Considering the success we experienced with our patients utilizing the technique, we had David come and train all of our therapist from all clinics in 2008. I was then able to facilitate other groups integrating SASTM use and observed David doing their training as well. I have then been fortunate to perform the training for several other groups who are now implementing SASTM into their treatment offerings including many of our clinics in what is now EXOS Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine. I also utilize SASTM frequently with the professional athletes I work with (as outlined above) now with great success. 




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