"In the past few months I have referred several patients for SASTM treatments, which has resulted in eliminating or greatly delaying the need for corrective podiatric surgery. Cases of plantar fasciitis and Morton's neuroma respond very favorably to this modality. I have personally had SASTM treatments performed on me with great results, including increased range of motion and relief of pain."

-- Ronald L. Banta, D.P.M.

"I have been plagued for years with musculoskeletal problems related to old soft tissue injuries, especially a 20 year-old foot injury. I had experienced foot pain and significant limitation in range of motion in my foot, which resulted in functional limitations and an abnormal gait pattern. After receiving SASTM treatments, I have an increase in range of motion and a reduction in pain; in addition, overall foot function has improved and my gait pattern continues to normalize. I have been very pleased with these results."

-- Carol Neu-Frauman, MS,OTR

"Carl was my last hope at one point. I couldn’t function without wearing a neck collar and certainly couldn’t drive anymore. I was referred to Carl by a colleague and  I will forever be grateful because I got my life and mobility back within just a few visits. Carl and his SASTM instruments have been life-changing, literally."


-- Leah DelRosario, Patient

“I was having some hamstring soreness that was persistent and not getting any better. I learned about SASTM from a friend at the local gym I. My friend had some shoulder problems and received some benefits after attending the SASTM sessions with Carl.  I did some research online and made an appointment. I've had 3 sessions now, and I have some definite improvement with each session. Carl was very professional and thorough in explaining the technique and applying it. I look forward to continuing the sessions to gain more improvement each time. I felt very confident in Carl's knowledge and expertise in applying SASTM and would highly recommend SASTM to anyone. My wife has also started attending SASTM therapy and has also been having positive results for some knee issues. Great experience, great service, and extremely good people.”


-- Randy Yablonowski, Patient

“My name is Amy Robbins. My athletic background includes running and triathlon. I have run several marathons and half marathons. I completed 6 Ironman triathlons between 2012 and 2017. After my last Ironman in July 2017, I began training for my first ultra. I ran 100k trail race in Michigan on September 8, 2017. Prior to the ultra I was worn down and my body was pretty well beat. In the week leading to the 100k, I was having severe tightness and pain in my left calf. At that point it was too late to do anything about it. I went to the start line and just willed it out of my head and hoped for the best. Eight miles into the 100k, I tripped. My calf seized up and I really thought my 100k was over. I decided to put it out of my head and keep going. By mile 10, I forgot about it and just kept moving. When I returned home from the 100k I decided some rest was in order. I didn’t run for about a week. I had to get moving as I had committed to being on a relay team in mid October. When I began to run again my calf was not cooperating.


My chiropractor recommended that I see Carl. I followed the advice and was very happy with the results. Carl treated me a couple of times and I ran the relay without any issues. I thought I was good. My calf decided to flare up again the end of November. I did not run for 6 days. I could barely walk. I reached out to Carl again. Carl treated me on a Thursday and I ran 16 miles on Friday with no pain and zero issues.


At this point, I was in the beginning training phase for a 100 mile race. Carl and I discussed doing a maintenance/preventative plan to keep me pain and injury free as we ramped up the mileage. Together, we decided that getting treated biweekly would be a good place to start. From December until my race on March 17, I ran over 1000 miles. I was training five days per week. I was treated by Carl every other week and I supplemented that with a chiropractic adjustment. I did not miss a training run. I ran without pain and was able to sustain 60+ miles per week. I ran my first 100 mile race in 23:34 and I believe that I have Carl to thank for getting me to the start and finish lines without injury.


After the 100 miler, I was sore. I had a couple of areas that were particularly sore/painful. My pain was not from an injury. My pain was because I had run 100 miles. I walked away from that wanting to do another ultra. I have plans for many more miles. I also have plans to keep my body working by maintaining it with SASTM.


Prior to SASTM, I would get a massage occasionally and just deal with any issues that came along. Those issues would sometimes sideline my training plans.


Carl conducts himself in a professional manner. The office and equipment are always clean. I highly recommend SASTM. I will continue to have maintenance treatment. I will recommend SASTM every opportunity that I get. My only regret is that I did not know about this a long time ago! “


--Amy Robbins, Patient


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