SASTM are the only instruments on the market that allow you to feel all the adhesions through the instrument. It is our proprietary instrumentation that allows you, the clinician, to feel all of the adhesions through the instrument teaching you to treat only the fibrotic patterns while leaving the healthy tissue alone. As a clinician, our instruments are able to effectively locate, treat, and break up adhesions while minimizing damage to healthy tissue. SASTM instruments will help to drastically decrease patient visits, improve patient outcomes, and get your patient back to enjoying life pain free. 


Online certifications are our most popular option and comes FREE with every instrument set purchase. Participating online gives you the ability and convenience of learning on your own time and you can even complete this at home. Our online course will take you step by step through 19 different protocols; teaching you what to look for and how to treat patients appropriately. Everything you’ll need to know to get your patient feeling better and back to doing what they love is found here.

ONSITE TRAINING - 8 CEUs *BOC CEUs,  NCBTMB CEUs, and Indiana PT CEUs available. 

This live, 8 hour seminar will teach participants how to effectively use instruments to evaluate and treat soft tissue dysfunction, chart the kinetic chain and understand how it is integrated into the full spectrum of rehabilitation. You will be introduced to the instruments, how they work, and how SASTM will benefit your patients as well as have the opportunity to compare competitive products with SASTM ceramic instruments.

Upon Completion, participant will be able to: 

  • Differentiate between instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) and traditional hands only mobilization.

  • Evaluate and treat soft tissue dysfunctions utilizing IASTM methods.

  • Apply the strategies of IASTM within a comprehensive rehabilitation program.

  • Recognize how to implement the IASTM method within the stages of tissue healing, in various conditions and diagnoses.

If you are interested in hosting an onsite seminar, please fill out this FORM.

ONE ON ONE TRAINING -$500 - 8 CEUs *BOC CEUs,  NCBTMB CEUs, and Indiana PT CEUs available. 

If you are looking for more individual training without the distraction of a large class at our SASTM treatment facility, this is the option for you. Our 1 on 1 training will set you up with an instructor that is going to customize a certification session to give you the most out of your educational needs. If you are interested in this option, please CLICK HERE to learn more.


Are you currently a student working towards: ATC, PT, PTA, OT, OTA LMT, CMT, DC, DO, DOM, and MD degree and would like to know more about SASTM and how it can benefit you once your graduate? Contact us now and we will set up a video conference call where you can see how the instruments are used on a live patient versus competitor instruments. If you are around the Indiana area and would like to come in for a day of shadowing with one of our certified clinicians, we would be happy to meet you, work with you, and show you the instruments of the future, at NO charge to you.


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